Leaves – Sara Teasdale

Here’s another bit of Teasdale. This poem to me felt like it was read on a walk in the woods. In my mind, nature walks are both repetitive and peaceful, so this setting of the text follows a sort of…

There will be rest – Sara Teasdale

This little bit of Sara Teasdale holds a special place in my heart as peaceful suicide poetry by a poet who eventually did take her own life. I love the text and its amazing imagery, and so I tried my…


This hymn was the first of my Advent harmonizations. This simple hymn tune can be difficult to sing with continuity due to the long phrases, which I’ve helped stagger a bit by adding offbeat anticipations to create suspensions. Enjoy.

Veni Emmanuel

I’ve decided that I’m going to try to put out some kind of compositional work every day. I’ll be adding a backlog of pieces, but for now, please enjoy this harmonization of “Veni Emmanuel.” Happy Advent, everyone.